9 June 2022 09:00-17:00Kista Science City

Back on the streets of Kista

After two years of going digital we're excited to welcome you back to Kista. Kista Mobility Day '22 is the gathering point for the region's actors in mobility; in automotive, academy and companies in the forefront of digitalisation. 

To show and share new possibilities, discuss challenges and to create new cooperations that enable the future of sustainable mobility in Stockholm, Sweden and in the world.

2022 focus is on future today. On June 9 we will visualize new solutions available already today and soon to be rolling in our streets, technological innovations waiting to get space, and new cooperations that will accelerate the implementation of new innovations. 

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From 9 to 5 there will be a mix of seminars, talks and demos focusing on future sustainable mobility and solutions available already today. 

Grab your lunch from the foodtrucks at the Hub while checking out the demos in the park. 

Meet old and new friends and hang out at the AW between 3-5.



Opening Session - Shaping the future of mobility in Stockholm

With its strong tech cluster, Stockholm is becoming an increasingly shining force when it comes to developing the transport of the future. This is where the connected transport services and new mobility solutions of the future will be developed.

    Participants: Erik Ekudden, CTO, Ericsson, Staffan Ingvarsson, CEO, Stockholm Business Region, Karin Bengtsson, CEO, Kista Science City, Kristofer Ågren, Head of Division X Product at Telia Company and Jonathan Selbie, CEO, Univrses.
    Moderated by Lena Forsberg, Ericsson.

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    Ericsson Imagine Studio, Kista

    Data-driven traffic planning of the future

    Traffic congestion is a huge problem in urban areas. In Stockholm, car owners spend about 16 workdays stuck in traffic each year. Public transport is also affected by this, and during rush hours, bus services can suffer huge delays. This Talk is about using spacial modelling analytics & real-time tracking in various ways in order to enable for more effective traffic planning, with focus on public transport, through sensors, data and AI.

    • How can we optimize mobility in the existing transportation network on a massive scale?
    • How will real-time, shared and collaborative application platforms give access to multiple stakeholders?

    Participants: Mikael Ranhagen, Region Stockholm, Eleonor Sjödin Turah, Kista Science City,  Claes Orsholm, Savantic, and Marc Rappe, Tre. 

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    Helio conference center, Kista

    Drones – from tests to integration into the local transport system

    This Talk discusses the applications of drones as an added layer in the transport system of the future. We will discuss the example of drone deliveries in Stockholm archipelago, that have the potential to reduce emissions from last-stage transport. With reduced delivery time, it also contributes to improving the quality and availability of services in rural areas, which could support behavioral changes towards a climate-neutral society.

    • The potential societal benefits of drones have been long known, but how do we support commercialization? 
    • Where are we today when it comes to pre- requisites to scale successful tests.

    Participants: Fredrik Engströmer, Region Stockholm, Cecilia Strokirk, RISE, Alexander Perrien, Aerit, Maria Nordström, Skara Kommun, Henrik Svensson, Högskolan i Skövde, Emma Lindahl, ICA gruppen, Lei Chen, RISE, Andreas Gising, RISE. 

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    Helio Conference Center, Kista

    The future of learning in the automotive industry

    When the transport ecosystem goes digital, electric and connected the demand for a competence shift in the automotive business increases. The automotive industry is our most important export industry with 14 percent of Sweden’s total merchandise exports. One third of this industry is located in the Stockholm region together with a world-leading IT & Telecom cluster and excellent universities. This combination is an opportunity for developing a new world leading auto-tech cluster in the Stockholm region. One key challenge is competence. 

    This current shift affects everybody, from subcontractors to aftermarket. What type of competence is required? How does the automotive industry attract recent graduates? How does the important exchange of skills take place? How do we build a pipeline with the right skills? Are the universities properly equipped to handle the industry's supply of skills? 

    Today KTH presents a completely new reskilling learning platform that is adapted to the needs of the industry, built with new smart technology and with new ways of working to meet personal learning requirements. It aims to drive adult learning, encourage curiosity and allow direct access to answers to questions you have.

    The platform is developed within the collaboration project Fordonsdalen that is co-sponsored by European Regional Development Fund.

      Participants: Magnus Burman, KTH and Mattias Wiggberg, KTH, Claes Herlitz, Head of IoT Product Management, Ericsson

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        Helio Conference Center, Kista

        Multisensor and AI enabled applications towards intelligent transportation

        This Talk discusses the applications of Artificial intelligence in the field of traffic system management, with focus on using new multisensor technologies. The discussion takes its starting point from tests that are run in Kista in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and partners.

        • How far have we come with tests in Stockholm and what's in the pipeline?
        • Challenges and learnings? 
        • How do we enable for scale up after successful tests?

        Maria Holm,  City of Stockholm,  Lucas Uhlen, Kista Science City, Wojciech Goj , City of Stockholm, Ann-Louise Johansson, Qamcom, David Eskilsson, Edeva, Amritpal Singh, Viscando.

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        Helio Conference Center, Kista

        Autonomous public transportation

        This talk examines the potential effects of combining AI-planning and self-driving technology on the transport system in Stockholm.

        • How do we make public transport be relevant in a self-driving future? 
        • How far have we come, what results do we look forward to this year, and where are we in 2025?

        Participants:  Mattias Lundberg, Stockholms stad , Jens Lindström, Nobina Technology, Hugo Hardenstam, Transdev, Håkan Karlsson, Region Stockholm, Jan Jansson, Keolis, Yury Tarakanov, Viscando, and Stig Persson, Ericsson.

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        Helio conference center, Kista

        Exhibition and Demos

        Between 11 - 14 you will find an exhibition with demonstrations of robots and drones, of new bicycle solutions and radiocars. Stop by and learn more about the newest project regarding autonomous vehicles, try the food delivery robot or just to grab a lunch in the park. 

        Participating companies are: ABConnect, EIT Urban Mobility, KTH, Teraki, Foodora, Ericsson, Livelo, Aerit, City of Stockholm, SuperAnnotate, Intel, Skysense, Nektta, RISE, Realisator, Univrses and more. 

        The Exhibition and Demonstration area is in collaboration with Fordonsdalen, a project that is co-sponsored by European Regional Development Fund.

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        THINGS Get-On-Top-Of™ Smart Mobility

        Smart mobility aims at making transport systems more intelligent, flexible, efficient and sustainable. Mobility includes far more than the vehicles and the infrastructure and require a holistic view and an ecosystem approach to ensure efficient and well-working solutions for governments, enterprises and individuals everywhere. At this THINGS Get-On-Top-Of™ Smart Mobility event we will listen to a couple of selected tech companies in the Mobility ecosystem, and members of THINGS, who will present what they do, where they are and share some insights.
        This session is moderated by Magnus Melander, Co-founder THINGS.


        Jonathan Selbie, CEO, Univrses
        Thomas Eriksson Founder and CEO, Realisator Robotics
        Oscar Örnberg, ML Solution Engineer Lead, SuperAnnotate
        Stephen Bryant, CEO & Co-Founder. Lolo Company
        Daniel Spahr, COO, Stream Analyze

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        Helio Conference Center, Kista

        After work



        Alexander Perrien
        CEO & Co-founder, Aerit

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        Amritpal Singh
        VD, Viscando

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        Andreas Gising
        Research engineer, RISE

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        Ann-Louise Johansson
        General Manager, Qamcom

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        Cecilia Strokirk
        Project Manager Seamless Transports & Logistics, RISE

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        Claes Herlitz
        Head of IoT Product Management , Ericsson

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        Claes Orsholm
        PH.D, CEO, Savantic

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        Eleonor Sjödin Turah
        Kista Science City

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        Emma Lindahl
        Co-lead at ICAx, ICA gruppen

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        Erik Ekudden
        CTO, Ericsson

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        Fredrik Engströmer
        Innovations direktör, Region Stockholm

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        Henrik Svensson
        Lecturer in informatics, Högskolan i Skövde

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        Hugo Hardenstam
        Project leader, Transdev

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        Håkan Karlsson
        Region Stockholm

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        Jonathan Selbie
        CEO, Univrses

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        Karin Bengtsson
        VD, Kista Science City

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        Kristofer Ågren
        Head of Division X Product at Telia Company

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        Jan Jansson
        International Mobility Developer, Keolis Group

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        Jens Lindström
        Head of Nobina Technology

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        Lena Forsberg
        Head of Campaign & Activation, Business Area Networks, Ericsson

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        Lei Chen
        Senior Researcher, Mobility and Systems, RISE

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        Magnus Burman
        Vice Director KTH platform Industrial Transformation, KTH

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        Magnus Melander
        Co-founder, THINGS

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        Mattias Lundberg
        Avdelningschef trafikplanering, Stockholms stad

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        Mattias Wiggberg
        Researcher, KTH

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        Marc Rappe
        Crowd data, TRE

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        Maria Nordström
        Project manager, Skara kommun

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        Maria Holm
        Project Manager, Stockholms stad

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        Mikael Ranhagen
        Chef Infrastruktur, Region Stockholm

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        Per-Erik Holmberg
        Research and business developer, RISE

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        Staffan Ingvarsson
        CEO, Stockholm Business Region

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        Sara Nozkova
        Mobility Lead, Kista Science City

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        Stig Persson
        Chief Technology Officer på Ericsson One, Ericsson

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        Yury Tarakanov
        Business developer, Viscando AB

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        Wojciech Goi
        Chef trafikplanering, Trafikkontoret, Stockholms stad

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        and more

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        Lucas Uhlén
        IoT Lead, Kista Science City

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        DEMO & EXPO in Grönlandsparken  11:00 - 14:00 

        Chosen startups, corporates and researchers exhibit their mobility solutions


        • Ericsson, Remotly Operated Vehicles via 5G
        • Ericsson IoT & Partners, Imagine Possible, when Internet of Things is not only a buzzword presenting devices in silos, but powered through good ecosystem partnership things are connected from the physical space to the digital realm presenting a proactive collaborative system of system solutions.
        • Teraki, Foodora and Ericsson
        • Realisator
        • EIT Urban Mobility
        • ABConnect, DataStreamer, Next-generation data-streaming built for smart mobility
        • 5G Ride and  KTH, Infrastructure-to-vehicle communication for safety-critical connected and autonomous vehicles


        • RISE - Drones in the service of society, 
          Examples of how drones can make everyday life better by RISE
        • Skysense


        • Nektta, Smart charge - Smart City 
        • EIT Urban Mobility / KTHCycling Kista 
        • City of Stockholm - Cykeljouren &  Bike rental solutions 
        • Livelo


        • Intel, 5GIC - Command and Control
        • Smart Project -Data driven public transport - For a SMART:er future
        • Univrses
        • SuperAnnotateBuild SuperData for your AI. The end-to-end platform to annotate, version, and manage ground truth data for your AI.